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Fees & Salary Guidelines


Salary is mainly dependent on the employee's experience and may differ. These guidelines exclude petrol allowances. The guidelines are listed as monthly salaries and exclude compensation for working on weekends and public holidays. Contact us directly should you need assistance with a more accurate estimate. The hours listed below are hours worked per day from Monday to Friday.

Au Pairs

     Hours      Salary from

1-2 hrs      R3 500

3-4 hrs     R5 500

5-6 hrs     R7 000

 7-8 hrs     R10 000

 9+ hrs      R12 000

Nannies / Night Nurses / Domestic Workers

              Hours      Salary from

1-2 hrs      R3 000

3-4 hrs     R4 000

5-6 hrs     R5 000

7-8 hrs     R6 500

9+ hrs      R9 000


R80  R120 per hour

A set amount for a full days' work

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