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We are Umbrella Au Pairs, an all-encompassing Au Pair, Nanny and Babysitter recruitment agency. Let Umbrella Au Pairs help you find the perfect candidate to assist your family!


Why “Umbrella”? The umbrella symbolises the canopy of the heavens, shelter and protection. These symbolisms are what we incorporate into our work - offering the most delicate and comfortable protection and care for our clients.

We'll provide you with the greatest options and support to help you find a match that's right for YOU! Whether it be a temporary or permanent position, we offer you peace of mind in easing the process to find the perfect candidate for your family.


What we do

UAP specialises in the recruitment and placement of Au Pairs, Nannies, Night Nurses and Babysitters. We do both temporary as well as permanent placements. Our all-inclusive services guarantee the right candidate at the right time, whatever your family’s needs.

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Our Services


Au Pair Placements

Typical duties include assisting with homework, driving children to and from school and extra-murals, managing children’s schedules, and being available for occasional babysitting and/or house sitting.


Nanny Placements

Childcare providers who either live in or out of the household of the children they care for. They’re responsible for keeping these children safe, stimulated and fed, as well as teaching them through educational activities. Nannies may also be responsible for cleaning the house, watering plants and feeding pets.


Babysitter Placements

Booked per occasion/when needed, for different periods of time. Babysitters’ responsibilities are quite similar to those of an Au Pair, but they are booked once-off. They look after children, entertain them, feed them and often put them to bed.


UIF Registration

We assist with UIF registrations for both employers and employees.


This includes
registration, training, and two months' assistance after registration.


Contract Templates

Employment contract templates can be purchased separately for families who found au pairs/nannies, etc. on their own,

but still require assistance with finalising the employment agreement.


Professional CVs

We create professional CVs for job seekers in both the childcare and domestic fields, thereby assisting them in better presentation to potential employers, whilst also
assisting employers in the same process through receiving neat and concise applications.


Criminal Checks

Criminal checks can be done separately for existing clients or for families who have found au pairs/nannies, etc. on their own.

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